Surprise turntable

Hello guys!

It’s David, again.

It is always hard for me to choose a gift to give. I usually spend 3-4 days on thinking, and after that I still have to ask for advices, based on I’m not sure about my decisions in this topic. It takes too much time from my life…

And I have to face with the same problem soon, because my best friend George is going to celebrate his 30th birthday the next weekend, and honestly I have no clue what to buy to him.

He literally has everything. Last time I gave him a proper present I had to look for it for 2 weeks! 14 days! 336 hours! And now I don’t even have that much time. I need a quicker way to get the very same result.

The one thing I based on my search was that he mentioned that he want to listen to classic and retro music nowadays. Somehow he got addicted to them.

This is how I reached a site, with over 50 articles with detailed turntable review. It is good and bad as well. It is good because I don’t have to rely on the words of different people, bad because I still don’t have the right knowledge to choose the best out of the mentioned fifty different turntables.

I need your help and unfortunately as soon as possible. I’m sorry for asking something like that but I really don’t know which could be the best and alone I would get lost.

I have some preferences:

The turntable should have wood stylish coating

It should be under $400

It should support the two different size of the vinyl discs

I have found this site on the net: Pickmyturntable but I am not sure which turntable to choose.

If you have any suggestion with these points, I would appreciate if you could tell it to me, within 2-3 days. The reason of this rush is, because even if the order arrives within 3 days I still have to wrap it.

Thanks guys, I owe you!

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